Dr. Maria Rodriguez

To whom it may concern:

I hope this letter finds you well. As an immigration attorney, you are aware of the complex challenges faced by your clients seeking to change their immigration status. Today, I want to introduce you to a game- changing resource that can significantly enhance your clients' cases: Immigrant Psychosocial Evaluations.

In today's rapidly evolving legal landscape, where the complexities of immigration cases continue to grow, having a comprehensive understanding of your clients' psychosocial backgrounds is more crucial than ever.

As a seasoned professional, I not only bring a wealth of professional experience but also a unique personal perspective to the realm of immigration law. I have been at the forefront of utilizing psychosocial evaluations to bolster immigration cases. My extensive experience in conducting evaluations has allowed me to witness firsthand the positive impact they can have on the outcome of cases. By delving into the psychological and social aspects of an individual's life, these evaluations provide a holistic view that goes beyond the legal framework, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges and hardships your clients may have faced.

Dr. Maria Rodriguez LPC, Phd

My name is Dr. Maria Rodriguez, and I'm a psychotherapist specializing in psychological evaluations for immigration cases. I wanted to let you know that I've recently expanded my practice and have openings to work with several additional lawyers. This work is deeply meaningful for me, and if you have a need for evaluations, I'd welcome hearing from you. With my approach, I tailor the assessment to the particular needs of each case, including: Asylum Cases-Explaining psychological reasons why a client missed the one-year filing deadline; and detailing how PTSD symptoms provide evidence of the persecution they suffered. Extreme Hardship Cases-Identifying unique factors contributing to a client's psychological distress such as: illness; disability; professional, financial, or academic hardship; or adverse home- country conditions that would affect the petitioner or their family members. VAWA Cases-Detailing the client's psychological symptoms which are common for domestic violence victims; assessing credibility; and where useful, explaining less common phenomena such as ways in which men are abused by female partners. Recently, I had a spot open up for a reduced-fee evaluation and I wanted to offer it to you in case you have a client who might need financial consideration. I'm able to offer a $300 discount from my normal rate. For the convenience of the individuals and families, I'm currently meeting with clients via video conference in addition to in person, and for their convenience, I also accept credit cards, provide payment plans. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to ask any questions or request samples of my work. Appreciate your time, and I'd love to support the important work you're doing. You can contact me directly at 862-268-2417. Respectfully, Dr. Maria

Elevate your Immigration Cases with Dr. Rodriguez's Award-Winning PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS

A 2021 study show that asylum seekers undergoing psychological evaluations had their chances of approval dramatically increase to 81.6%, starkly outpacing the national average of just 42.4%. DOUBLING their prospects for safety and refuge.

Your psychological evaluations can significantly benefit various types of immigration petitions, including:

1. Trauma Evaluations:

  • Asylum: Supports claims of past persecution or fear of future persecution by documenting trauma's mental health effects.
  • U Visa: Documents the psychological impact of qualifying crimes, showing "substantial physical or mental abuse."
  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act): Helps prove "substantial emotional or physical abuse" from domestic violence by documenting psychological effects.
  • T Visa: Documents severe abuse and psychological impact from trafficking.

2. Hardship Evaluations:

  • (601a, i601a, Cancellation of Removal): Documents the extreme hardship a family member would face due to the applicant's inadmissibility.

3. Competency and Medical Disability Evaluations:

  • Competency Evaluation (Franco): Documents mental state affecting the ability to self-represent in legal proceedings, supporting the need for legal assistance.
  • Medical Certification of Disability Exception (N-648): Documents disabilities to support exceptions to naturalization requirements

Eleva Tu Caso de Inmigracion con Las Evaluaciones Psicologicas Premiadas de La Dra Rodriguez

Un estudio de 2021 muestra que las posibilidades de aprobación de los solicitantes de asilo que se sometieron a evaluaciones psicológicas aumentaron drásticamente hasta el 81,6%, superando con creces la media nacional de solo el 42,4%. DUPLICAR sus perspectivas de seguridad y refugio.

Sus evaluaciones psicológicas pueden beneficiar significativamente varios tipos de peticiones de inmigración, que incluyen:

1. Evaluaciones de trauma:

  • Asilo: Apoya las denuncias de persecución pasada o miedo a persecución futura al documentar los efectos del trauma en la salud mental.
  • Visa U: Documenta el impacto psicológico de los delitos que califican, mostrando "abuso físico o mental sustancial".
  • VAWA (Ley de Violencia contra la Mujer): Ayuda a probar el "abuso emocional o físico sustancial" de la violencia doméstica al documentar los efectos psicológicos.
  • Visa T: Documenta el abuso severo y el impacto psicológico de la trata de personas.

2. Evaluaciones de dificultades:

  • (601a, i601a, CANCELACION DE DEPORTACION): Documenta las dificultades extremas que enfrentaría un miembro de la familia debido a la inadmisibilidad del solicitante.

What sets me apart is not just my professional expertise but also my personal connection to immigration. Having migrated to the United States at the age of 9, I understand the intricacies of the immigration journey, the emotional toll it can take, and the unique challenges faced by individuals seeking a better life in a new country. This firsthand experience allows me to approach psychosocial evaluations with a level of empathy and insight that goes beyond traditional assessments.

By incorporating psychosocial evaluations into your cases, you can:

  1. Strengthen Your Legal Arguments: Provide a more robust and comprehensive narrative that considers the unique psychosocial factors influencing your clients' situations.
  2. Support Credible Testimony: Psychosocial evaluations can serve as powerful tools in establishing the credibility of your clients' testimonies, enhancing the persuasiveness of their narratives.
  3. Demonstrate a Holistic Approach: Showcase your commitment to a comprehensive and empathetic representation by addressing not only the legal aspects but also the underlying psychological and social dimensions of your clients' experiences.

I would be delighted to arrange a meeting to further discuss how incorporating psychosocial evaluations can benefit your practice. I am available for consultations to answer any questions you may have and to explore how my expertise can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your cases.

Thank you for considering this valuable addition to your toolkit. I look forward to the opportunity to support you in achieving even greater success in your immigration cases.