Law Firm & Corporate Clients

Care Counseling Center prides itself in offering services to Law Firms seeking an experienced psychotherapist to enhance their clients' case. We offer evaluations, report writing and live testimony at court proceedings. When it comes to the corporate world, this can bring a lot of stress and emotional hurdles. We are proud to work with small, middle size and corporate businesses to address the emotional needs of their workforce. We work with the company's employees to help foster a better workplace by addressing root emotional issues and areas of concern.

Our licensed professionals have experience treating survivors of various levels of trauma which include:

- Depression

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Acute Stress Disorder

- Anxiety Disorder

- Post Concussion Syndrome

Services provided to Law Firms and their clients:

• Diagnostic evaluations/Psychosocial testing

• Trauma counseling

• Psychotherapy services

• Attorney consultation services

• Expert Witness

• Detailed Reports

Areas of Service:

• Personal Injury

• Workers compensation

• Immigration

• Gender and Equality

• Cultural Competence

• Domestic Violence

• Motor Vehicle Accidents

• Acute Stress Disorder